Friday Photo – Seclusion

Sometimes the busyness of life creates a longing for seclusion. When we were in Antigua the Friday before Palm Sunday the town was bustling. Evidently many make a sort of pilgrimage to Antigua to celebrate the event. Just behind me when taking this photograph was a busy food market. … Continue reading

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Marva Dawn by Way of TWOP – Frantic or Sabbath

The Work of the People offer a piece from Marva Dawn on “Sabbath.” The intro notes how frantic our lives are and the need for rest.

httpv://… Continue reading

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Sustainability and Faith

Rick does it again. Too often conversations about the way God intends humans to live centers on “do’s and don’ts.” Enter the abuse of the Ten Commandments. We either want them somewhere on our courthouse lawn or them extinguished from all public display. We either want to … Continue reading

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