Steve McCoy

I Like Steve McCoy’s Appeal

A friend recently asked why I was teaching a Sunday morning Bible Study. I am the pastor. Some do not teach or participate in a Sunday morning Bible Study time before preaching. I do. Chiefly because I learn quite a bit from the group.

I don’t always teach. Most … Continue reading

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Honorable Mention . . . The Right Place for the Edge of the Inside

Who wouldn’t like to make the rankings among Christian blogs? In 2012 I entered the SBC Blue Collar Blog Contest over at SBC Voices and won. I did not win for any other reason than a well-oiled campaign elevated to winning heights by two of my biggest fans, if … Continue reading

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Steve McCoy Knows About More than Music and Tim Keller

If you are not aware of the friendship between Joe Thorn and Steve McCoy, then you may be missing out. We met a number of years ago in South Carolina. Our paths had crossed online. In those days, and still, Steve was a big deal when it came … Continue reading

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Propaganda, “Rap On” or, Value Other Voices

My ears are old. I confess that when it comes to music I am often stuck in a time warp. My time spent listening to music in those adolescent and teenage years seem decades ago. Indeed they are. But, I still like music from the late 60’s and 70’s. … Continue reading

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Watching and Working … Thoughts from The Edge

Watching and working express one of the key themes of the Lectionary Texts for the coming Sunday. Often we favor one end of the spectrum created by these two practices. Jesus calls us to watch and at the same time to work. Most often our working appears like … Continue reading

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