(My) Black History

No, I am not Black. I am not African-American. But, thinking about February as Black History Month I have been thinking about my story, my life story. Read More

Moon Frame – Friday Photo Reflection

Everyone chooses a frame for their story. Consider it the borders that give a sense of the tapestry of experiences. Read More

Shelved the Church Fathers or, Bittersweet Acquisition from a Friend

Greg, The Ex-Reverend, turns 48 today. It seems like we have known each other for more than ten years. Time warps when you near mid-century levels. I am told it only accelerates.

Last week Greg inadvertently let me know he was selling his set of the Church Fathers, 38 volumes. It was not as if he were keeping a secret. He did not know I might be interested. I did not know he was selling. Long story short, the set is now on the shelves in my study. Pristinely kept, the set is a great aesthetic accent and will be a helpful resource I had been looking at acquiring for the past six months.

Books mean something. As I re-shelved hundreds of books to make room in just the right spot for my new set, I ran across books I may never read again. There are other books I keep not for their incredible content, but for the memory of who gave them to me. I remember Brother Justice offering some books to a young preacher boy. Brother Christiansen offered a slew of books when he retired. Others along they way called to say, “Hey, you might be interested in  . . ..” I was. Read More