Constitutive Community – Thoughts from the Edge

The story constitutes the community. It is not that it is only story. It is just that it is not less than story. When we talk about what constitutes a local Christian community of faith we cannot help but recall the story of Pentecost. Out of the giving of … Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

Recently youth from Snow Hill produced a short video around the theme of their recent Justice Now. “What’s Your Story?” provided the framework to think about their story as it relates to the story of God. Even more, youth learned to consider others’ stories and how the story of … Continue reading

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Len Sweet – The Effect of Controlling the Text and People

I always enjoy listening to Len. He is a bit rushed in this presentation but pay careful attention to the way he describes the effect of controlling the text and controlling people.

httpv://… Continue reading

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Framing Our Own Story – Hazel “Unscripted”

Shopping for just the right frame can be exacting. Patty possesses the knack for putting a photo, painting or print in just the right frame. Recently she framed a print we purchased from a small gallery in Creede, CO to hang in my office. Had I picked the frame, … Continue reading

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