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The Voice of Psalms – Giveaway UPDATE

Yesterday I posted a video of Todd Hunter describing the value of the “Artist Portal.” Today I want to point you to a project wherein scholars and artists collaborated on a Bible translation project – The Voice. I wrote about the release of The Voice New Testament here.

Today I received several copies of the voice of psalms. My brotherPaul and I responded to an invitation to participate in this Bible translation project. My friend Chris Seay teamed up with Thomas Nelson to offer a translation that combines artists and scholars, pastors and academics. We offered a translation of one of the Psalms.

Just in time for the Season of Advent, the installment of the translation of the Psalms offers not only more than 70 thoughtful articles on many of the songs but also a 28-day suggested reading of the Psalms through Advent. In addition, the publishers offer a reading plan of the Psalms for use during the Season of Lent. I read the Psalm found in this week’s Lectionary texts and found the collaborative translation helpful.

When I recommended The Voice New Testament I did so for its readability and attentiveness to the biblical narrative. The accompanying “in text” notes/commentary offers the new reader some help with transitions and context. I am hopeful the entire Old Testament will be released soon. In the waiting period, get your copy of the voice of psalms in time for the Season of Advent.

As a special treat here at The Edge of the Inside, I will offer a copy of the voice of psalms to the first reader who responds with both the correct year to be followed in the upcoming Season of Advent and what Psalm reading is suggested for the First Sunday in Advent. Respond using the contact form. Be sure to leave your name and mailing address. I will announce the winner as soon as one is determined.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Michael Carpenter. He was the first to identify the upcoming Season of Advent in Year C and Psalm 25:1-10 as the Psalm for the first Sunday in Advent beginning November 29.

The Voice New Testament

Modern Bible translations seem to appear on shelves with increasing frequency. Some projects find as their distinction the particular method employed when handling the translation of original languages. The Voice grows out of an appreciation for the Scriptures and offers a fresh contemporary narrative approach to reading the Scriptures. Read More