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Modern Bible translations seem to appear on shelves with increasing frequency. Some projects find as their distinction the particular method employed when handling the translation of original languages. The Voice grows out of an appreciation for the Scriptures and offers a fresh contemporary narrative approach to reading the Scriptures.

I first discovered The Voice Project when conference sponsors offered a copy of a couple of the early books. Then, at The Emergent Gathering in Glorieta a couple of years ago, my friend Chris Seay invited breakout participants to assist with the Psalms. My brother and I were assigned a Psalm to be included in the release of the Old Testament.

Chris was in town for a Robbie Seay Band concert at Crossings Community Church. He showed me the first copy of The Voice New Testament as I dropped him off at his hotel. A few weeks later he was a the Renovare Conference in Houston and was excited about the shipment of new copies he has recently received.

I bought a copy recently and have been reading through Matthew. Recently a young mother asked what Bible she should buy her children. I suggested The Voice New Testament. In fact, I am suggesting The Voice New Testament for our youth. Recovering the Scripture as narrative will be increasingly important. Helping children and youth make this discovery may be a means to revive the Scriptures as a beautiful story of the love of God.

The layout facilitates reading as what has traditionally been found in footnotes is actually set off in the text. These “boxes” provide a bridge between movements in the story. For example, in Matthew the bridge from The Sermon on the Mount to “what happens next” is amplified in the text and keeps the readers eyes above the solid line. Rather than get lost in the “notes” these transitions actually keep the reader on pace and with the story.

I highly recommend a copy of The Voice New Testament and when the Old Testament is released, get one of those too!

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