the way of Jesus

The Gospels Are Not Appetizers – Weekly Video

Living Jesus’ Way is impossible. And, maybe that is the point. Limited to our own understanding and the way we think the world works could not possibly open up space for us to love our enemies. After all were we to possess our own drones, we would take out … Continue reading

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Trifle Not – Thoughts from the Edge

We always told our girls, “Give it your best effort.” Our hope was to encourage them to work hard in school or on the playing field of whatever sport they chose to play. We could tell whether or no they were trifling with school or sport. You know trifling. … Continue reading

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Staying … Leaving – Thoughts from the Edge

Words. Many offer a reason to follow. Persuasiveness. Curiosity. Jesus engaged a group who struggled to grasp the way he connected feeding a large crowd with himself. Manna. Bread of Life. He then used an evocative description to draw the audience either deeper, or as we would see repel … Continue reading

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A Truly Human Response Creating a New Humanity

On our way home this weekend I picked up a small book. The Introduction was written by now Archbishop Desmond Tutu Emeritus. The title of his introduction is, “I diminish you, I diminish myself.” He wrote with poignant reflection on life before the emerging new South Africa. He shared … Continue reading

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Going Beyond the Normal

Once you consider how to get beyond conventional thinking no subject seems to be off limits. Much of the reading from my foray into “Readings in Postmodern Philosophy and Theology” has left me thinking. I know I am on the precipice and the slope looks slippery.

What I mean … Continue reading

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