Lyle’s Own Cultural Creative

Online “tests” revealing traits, characteristics, or “who you are like,” run the gamut. Lyle took one of these quizzes. He was surprised to score as a “Cultural Creative.” Lyle wrote,

This is how I scored, somewhat surprising to me actually.

The one thing I think he rightly pointed out, as with all of these kinds of time stealers, ” . . . it may be fairly reflective of my views ……. today.”

One of the characteristics this little test highlighted was a belief in something beyond the rational. I read that as something transcendent, beyond ourselves. This is really not the place to attempt waxing philosophical. But, it is the place to point out in what ways we can surely agree there is something beyond ourselves.

In less than two hours, Nathan will begin playing his first set in Tuttle, America. He has played there before. But, he will play today on the 5 year anniversary of the loss of his Dad. Read More

Aftermath of God – Thoughts from the Edge

One common thread running through at least three of the texts for this week involve the “aftermath of God.” That is, to borrow from Peter Rollins, life after an intense encounter with God. All encounters are intense. We may miss them when we domesticate God into our image. But, when, like Isaiah, we are overcome with the presence of God bound up in the recognition we are only glimpsing the hem of his robe we at once are marked by God’s transcendence as we experience his immanence. Read More