Jon Zens – What’s With Paul and Women?

Provisional or permanent? Contingent or comprehensive? When it comes to interpreting Scriptures your answer will likely forever pigeon-hole you pitching you into one camp or another. Increasingly the matter comes to the fore as the Scriptures become the sacred text upon which a person’s position may be used to … Continue reading

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Another Reason Why Words Are Important – Women, Children, Abortion and the Church

Saturday evening. Kentucky just fell to West Virginia. Butler bested Kansas State. Patty is not feeling well. I am reading through a manuscript for a friend. I needed a break. I popped over to see what my FB friends are up to and was drawn to an update that … Continue reading

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Leonard Pitts Jr on the Shamsia’s Return to School

In Michael Kimmel’s book Guyland he tells of the naming ceremony for his son. He quoted the poet Adrienne Rich,

“If I could have one wish for my sons, it is that they should have the courage of women.”

Leonard Pitts Jr. reflects on Shamsia’s return to school. … Continue reading

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Palin, Women and Evangelicals

My recent reading in connection with David Fitch‘s and Geoff Holsclaw‘s course, “Readings in Postmodern Philosophy and Theology,” have taken me to reading Irigaray and Kristeva by way of Rebecca Chopp. Since McCain announced his choice of a VP running mate in Sarah Palin, I … Continue reading

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