The day after … Stetzer me one more time … (this really about J.D.) …

Desperate attempts to illicit attention only serve to prop up the idol of self. Our need for approval quickly becomes the insatiable king to which we bow. J.D. Greear gave many a vicarious means to exorcise the demons that keep our praying no deeper than, “God, would you do this for your glory and my fame?”

I met J.D. when we both served on the BWA representing the SBC. Now that is certainly a relationship of the past – the BWA/SBC that is. J.D. and I renew our friendship either by e-mail or at the annual meeting. I heard him this evening describe my own understanding of commitment to community in a panel discussion. We then moved to the Convention Center where in poignant and provocative ways he called most we who pastor out. He honored the call of Hayes Wicker to disavow “drive-bys” and settle in with honesty and transparency. In the end the call was one in need of repeating. I found myself thinking of Richard Foster’s charge that our pitfalls run in three’s – money, sex and power.

Since you may have read thinking this was a follow on to my previous post about Ed Stetzer, know my stats did take an uptick. Rather than view that as someone looking for some negative scoop on Ed it would be better understood that Ed has something to say and is willing to say it. He ditched his “message” this evening and followed Bob Roberts with some “personal stuff” that made the late night really worth staying up for. Stetzer trooped out his mantra which I do hope so much he will continue. My one call to him would be to change his alliteration – contend, contextualize, cooperate to contend, contextualize, collaborate. If indeed we live in a day where single models are a thing of the past then collaborating seems better. Just my two cents, Ed.

Post Analysis
Positive portrayal of the speakers I heard today – yes
Use of Ed Stetzer or some derivation – 6
Use of Ed’s favorite humor schtick “not so much” – 0

Reader – we really are friends …

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