The Don married again?

I saw a spot on ET noting that after five years of “being together”, Donald Trump will marry again. Ivanna got him for a reported $23 million after 13 yeras. Marla got a paltry $2 million after five years. The question for many is what kind of “pre-nuptial” will this third marriage have.

One more illustration where marriage is under assault from normal heterosexual types. Marriage is not a social-relational contract. It is not a contract at all. To have a document aiding in the dissolution drawn up puts marriage squarely in a contractual framework.

Scripture describes marriage as a “covenant.” A man and woman make an oath/vow and are summarily bound by the covenant and should not search for the “loopholes” to negate the contract.

We should be watching out for marriage on all sides, not just from those we consider on the “sexual left.”

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    Wow, I wrote over on Nathan’s blog that I think someone should tell Donald Trump that he isn’t God. It looks like that is probably gonna happen.

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