The power of the media …

Just finished watching OU dispatch Nebraska. Jason White gave a Heisman like performance. The analysts on FSN should remain on a cable-styled regional telecast. Repeatedly making comments no doubt intended to make a dominant performance interestsing. The cut-aways at half-time and at the end of the game featured even more media bias than last year when everythnig was done to make the Heisman a race with Fitzgerald, then hoping to sway BCS voters away from OU. Now they are at it again. Despite showing that OU has the 10th toughest schedule in the country and that USC and Auburn rank well below, the talk is that Auburn will leap-frog OU in the standings. Last time I looked Georgia had one loss, ranked 8th nationally. Texas has only one loss – shut out by OU- and is ranked either 6th or 5th depending on who you talk to. Beating an undefeated team should be of greater value than beating a “once-beaten already.” Add to these thoughts the fact that the winning percentage of the oppenents of the top three in the country should have OU ranked first – strength of schedule, winning percentage of opponents and oh, yes, an undefeated record, Big 12 South champs (undoubtedly a feat few other teams couuld have achieved).

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