The “Season of unfortunate remarks” continues …

Last week (Wednesday, January 17,2007) The Oklahoman carried this op-ed piece by Dan Thomasson. The opening paragraph, as well it should, caught my attention immediately,

This is the season of unfortunate remarks, and the remarks are likely to get worse as the bickering over Iraq policy accelerates. How could it be otherwise with seemingly half the Senate running for president and the Bush administration hunkered down to fight off those who would derail the latest solution for bringing Baghdad under control?

And if that piqued your curiosity but you have yet to click over and read then maybe the concluding paragraph will get your mouse working,

So from both ends of the government, the word "blight" becomes more intense. Boxer’s tongue won’t be the only one that will get in the way of better judgment, and Stimson won’t be the only senior official to show a complete lack of understanding about America’s principles. We will survive, the songwriter says. Probably. But it certainly gets scary at times.

Since politics run in most of not all institutional structures it should be no surprise when the "Season of unfortunate remarks" surfaces in any given organizational matrix. Recently Wade Burleson noted an e-mail exchange with the Chairman of Trustees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In interesting remark lifted from the Van McClain responses has been, "momentary lax of parameters." Seems as though the crossed up private and public votes for seminary faculty offers some now to note they did not vote for Sherri Klouda despite the public unanimity. From this newfound position of moral authority it appears we can justify treating Sherri, well, like she is a woman. A "no" vote in private turn unanimous vote in public (not uncommon as I understand it) now stands as the beachhead from which to launch an attack on former presidents as "lax."

I think Paul may have portrayed the events well. At any rate, you can be sure the "Season of unfortunate remarks" will only continue and as Thomasson notes, we may well survive but it certainly may be scary.

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