The “Shoe Genius” and Christian Spiritual Formation, Pt. 2

continued …

Running with my New Balance 768’s left me thinking about the “easy yoke” of Jesus. An “easy yoke” implies an absence of difficulty and pain. No runner can attest to shoes that completely eliminate pain. Even Olympic marathon runners experience pain nearing the finish line. Instead, the “easy yoke” may be the un/easy yoke.

We need the companionship of Jesus for our “road trip” but the promise of ease only exacerbates our disillusionment when trouble comes. The yoke tied two animals together so they could plow more effectively. The easy yoke spoke to the link of these two animals not the task they would engage together. I have plowed with a tractor. Even tractors face difficulty breaking up fallow ground. As the engine groans you could imagine it as personified pain and sure difficulty. Ease pertains to relationship not the journey.

Running in my new shoes did not eliminate the pain that comes with fatigue. They could not magically overcome the pain from muscles not used that rigorously for quite some time. They did eliminate the pain from my feet hitting the asphalt as I ran.

The first “Shoe Genius” I met encouraged me to take a friend to shop for some new shoes.

to be continued …

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