The “Terrorizer” … Basketball made fun …

Danismall01Saturday we enjoyed watching Dani play basketball. Her nickname is, "The Terrorizer." She did a great job. Those who put this show on took steps to ensure the young people felt like they played in the Ford Center; complete with fog machines, spot lights and big screen introductions. What great fun to watch.
Sammismall01 We also enjoyed watching the game with Sammi. Her grandpa bought her a Sprite. She finished her drink and headed back for more. I could not help but think the person at the concession could not possibly deny her a refill. Sure enough, Sammi headed back to watch the rest of the game with her cup refilled with water.

One of the great privileges of being a pastor is watching young ones grow up. In a few months we will witness a group of kindergartners we have watched grow up to graduate from high school.

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