The worst half … it didn’t use to hurt this bad …

The half-time score read, “Home=9, Visitors=16”; without out a doubt one of the ugliest halves of basketball in which I have participated in my life. The season is played for seeding the league tournament. We sit in the three slot. Our record for the season – 6-3. Steve, the league “commissioner,” graciously set our schedule to open and close with the reigning league champions for the past few years. These fellows hit 3-pointers like they were layups. Against Graceway we stand 0-2 (and the only team to play them twice during the season). Against the rest of the league that leaves us 6-1. Not bad. On to last night’s game.

We were minus two of our better players. I believe we had only scored three points in the first 10 minutes of the game. Everything rattled in and out. We felt fortunate to be down only 7 at half-time. I had announced a recent Tuttle High School game with Seminole where Tuttle managed only 8 points in the first half. It was painful to watch. But, with tiger-like resilience Tuttle came away victor in an exciting second half of play. I recalled that game and thought we might be able to pull this one off. We beat the same team we were playing by 8 earlier in the season. However, our shooting percentage resembled rain chances here in Oklahoma for the past few months – near 0%. We took stock of the situation at half time and believed we could only improve. Twenty minutes later we left the gym with a 9-point victory, 47-38. We play the 2 see Saturday for an opportunity to go 0-3 versus the reigning champs.

So, why the reference to pain? As I rolled over to get out of bed early this morning I felt the effects of last night’s game. In college we would play several nights a week for hours. Our bodies could handle the rigor. Despite the fact that I work out several times a week and play with a group of guys every Friday morning, I often find my body failing to bounce back so quickly. I will be fine tomorrow and if not then Friday, and if not … you get the picture. The game is still too enjoyable to quit … but I am sure that day looms closer than I like to think.

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