Thoughts from a young college student

Occasionally I receive thoughts, e-mails and other communication. Here is a recent evaluation of one young college student’s own generation. It is  rather stream of consciousness. Seems like things have not changed much.

the need for change.

so being on your butt for over a week, with pretty much nothing to do will cause you to think. to think about dumb things, important things but just to think non-stop. so the major part of my thoughts this week is change.

my generation sees this need for change. we want something done. we want a revolution of love. but is my generation actually doing to create this change?

well let’s see, most of the people i know can’t get themselves out of bed before noon bc they stay up too late playing video games or creeping myspace, my generation is the generation that says ugh stick it to the man, no school, no jobs! BUT we need to be educated we need to get jobs to support ourselves. my generation is the one who claims to care about people but can’t seem to keep in contact with their so called best friends. my generation is the generation that hates to be preached to, hate for people to tell them hey ya know i see that your doing this maybe you should try not to but yet my generation yells and screams at people for their problems. my generation sits on the internet and text messages causing them to have this communication problem, where they can’t have normal conversations face to face with people. my generation disrespects their elders, my generation has come to believe that chilvarly is dead. my generation wants to be so different but they’re being the same as every other generation before.

i’m so tired of people talking about it. i’m tired of people complaining when they’re not doing anything.

if we’re going to have a change, freakin do the things necessary to create that change.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    It was just as good reading it for the second time. Thanks for posting this.

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