Watergate, GCR Task Force, SBC – Next?

A group of us initiated a new collaborative blog last week. Marty Duren offered the first post in a series titled, “If We Were the GCR Task Force We Would …” My contribution to the series posted early this morning, “If We Were the GCR Task Force We Would Avoid Watergate.”

One of my first denominational experiences came while in college. I attended my first meeting of the BGCO. Sitting a spell is not necessarily my forte. I got up to visit the Men’s Room and to my surprise a few folks were not just talking state convention business, they were planning the business. From that time forward I learned much of what takes place on the floor of most, and reluctantly I say most thinking more like all, convention meetings is hammered out in hallways, restrooms and backrooms. Attending one of the few SBC meetings I have made with a friend left us feeling like it might be better to play a round of golf in fellowship as it seemed most of the votes were foregone conclusions. We played golf an extra round as a result.

I understand keeping a mess off the floor. But, there is a major difference in keeping a mess off the floor than simply nodding what we all know is a done deal and so give up any notion of opposition. But, claiming everyone has a voice and practicing the same are two different things. We must find ways to move forward with honesty and transparency to bridge the breach of trust that dominates the current climate in the SBC.

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