We Have a Winner!

Blame it on the ice storm. My original intent was to announce the winner of my recent, “Name That Podcast,” contest on Friday. Intermittent service due to the recent icepocalypse in our area prompted the delay.

Thanks to All Who Submitted

Thank you to all who entered the contest by submitting a suggestion. Here are a couple of the suggestions. My friend Guy thought he closed down the contest before it got off the ground with, Sheep Whisperer. Had I put them in categories this would have fit a couple, maybe satire or humor. Donald caught that David E. Fitch was an inspiration for this project and offer, WTF: What the Fitch?.

Rob understands my aim with his suggestion, The Art of Listening. One thing pastor-theologians need more skill at? Listening to others, especially those with whom they differ. And, that is not listening for an angle to win an argument but rather to learn without being rude. Most Google searches for that title listed books on the skill of listening or a reference to developing the skill as a counselor/therapist. Yes, many will suggest most pastors need therapy. In the end, I thought the subtitle might be too long an explanation to point up the target audience. Thanks Rob for getting at the spirit of the podcast!

Two Winners

Choosing a winner from the suggestions proved harder than I suspected. I ran them all by Patty to get her advice. Two submissions were so close I decided on two winners. Mike offered, Pathological. The immediate irony was tempting. Think about it. A pastor offering a podcast for developing pastor-theologians and resources for that sort of project might rightly pass for pathological. Mike recognized the advantage of its nearness to pathos, the blog hub with different channels and a host of writers for the different channels. For instance, Scot McKnight, whom I hope to lure to the podcast, posts regularly at Patheos.

I did not go with Pathological, pa – pastor, the – theologian, but I think he stirred the winner so Mike will receive one of the books offered to the winner.

My friend Marty submitted Patheological. The URL was available. And, it took Mike’s suggestion one step further, pa-pastor, theo – theologian. The formal title will be, Patheological: The Pastor-Theologian Podcast. I may tweak the subtitle before it is ready to go but it will help identify the target audience. I do hope, however, not to narrow things such that it would keep those who may not be pastors or aspire to be theologians from coming on the podcast to discuss important ideas related to religion, life, and faith. I have hosted two great conversations already with Greg and Rob. I would hope they would come back on to help we pastors be better theologians.


I hope to kick off the new podcast not later than January. My next tasks include lining up my first 20 guests, sorting through the necessary podcast hosting consideration, re-working the website header to promote the podcast better, and eventually securing a better recording system that does not draw down my laptop resources producing lags in the recordings.

This is a side effort, though it impacts my every day work. So, I am giving myself December to get all of these details hammered out. Any suggestions along the way would be appreciated.

I will give you a teaser. My hope is to have as my first guest for the new project the pastor-theologian that inspired this venture.

In the meantime, click on Podcasts and check out the Interview episodes currently listed. I will likely reprise these under the new project header with updated introductions.

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