Webb and What Matters More

Webb and What Matters More

Artists possess an uncanny freedom to call attention to how our beliefs function. Last week’s brouhaha over Lifeway’s, The Gospel Project, left me convinced there is a lot of battling over territory that in the end does not matter. Marty posted a series on human trafficking that broke my heart and relegated the whole TGP kerfuffle moot. If we want to call into question motives, then I am looking for someone to tell me what motivates all the e-ink over the issue when we fail to look down at the broken lives that care precious little about our turf wars.

Then, Alan goes after the lack of coverage on the Gosnell horror and presses the point further. While there is plenty of evidence in Alan’s recent post to agree with Michael Bird who thinks infanticide is the next big issue on the cultural horizon, I am still wondering how it is Alan scooped major media and our own press outlets. In fact, our finger pointing still fails to explain how for forty years the Religious Right chose successive candidates that failed to address what we now witness as the House of Horrors.

While waiting on another medical appointment set for later this afternoon I came across Derek Webb’s controversial, What Matters to More. I am struck by the lyrics. Not for his use of a couple of expletives but for the insightful way he calls attention to who we choose what matters.


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  • http://twitter.com/absonjourney Ryan Abernathy

    Love that song and pretty much everything Derek writes. I had not tought of that comparison. Good catch.

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