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There is little doubt I am a Sooner fan. I may not be of the frothing variety, but with an OU alum for a father, we grew up wearing crimson and cream. We love our football OU style. Like most, I came away from Sooner footbal in December and January wondering what happened. Now every armchair wanna-be finds the nearest phone and demonstrates some of the most horrendous logic. You may be able to speculate on someone’s inability at proper logic and then they open their mouths and remove all doubt.

We could learn a bit here. I once heard it said better to be judged on the averages rather than the extremes. Jason White may not throw over 300 yards every game and include 4 touchdowns, but he certainly will not consistently throw as few as 100 yards, two interceptions and no TD’s. Looking at the averages for Jason’s performances still leaves him a Heisman candidate. I am glad one sermon does not make a preacher and I am equally glad one poor sermon does not make one a poor preacher.

Barry Tramel wrote a good piece on White that lends some lucidity to the cacaphony of absuridity filling the radio airwaves and filling inboxes. He looks to history and a recent movie hit to draw some interesting comparisons and offer some insight into the human spirit. I agree with his conclusion.

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