What blessing would we be to the world if …

I am intrigued by the earthy stories we find in the Scriptures. How often do we relegate the disciples to status of, “they just didn’t get it”? The implication from such a categorization is that surely we would have “gotten it” and therefore really do “get it” now. Could this be a bit of spiritual arrogance that further distances us from the opportunity to be a blessing to the world?

Jesus repeatedly told the disciples greatness comes in serving. On nearly every occasion the circumstance could be described as “normal” in that the disciples were wrestling with the very “violent” deconstructing/reconstructing Jesus was doing with their normal way of understanding reality.

So, when Jesus washes the disciples feet in John 13 the “teaching” moment comes when Jesus says do for each other what I did for you. How many times have we elevated ourselves via “egotism” (see Dallas Willard in The Divine Conspiracy)? Such heightened positions of ourselves leaves us incapable of understanding the significance of serving others for we prefer to be served.

Now, what would the world look like if the people of God spent more time serving others (of course, practicing what this looks like in the life of his/her community of faith – church)? Would it express one of the conseqences of the covenant promise made to Abraham – through you all the world will be blessed?

What would we be to the world if our goal was blessing through service as opposed to being blessed by being served?

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