What do we know …

Jason and I shared a conversation this morning. He told me he was talking with a person about church, church history and theology. As the conversation went on, he received this retort, “my dad knows all about that, he studied that.” Admirable. Just what does that mean that we know? Does it mean we read a book on it? Does it mean from our study of that one book we could say we have an informed opinion? Does it mean I can dismiss what you tell me because someone else is more studied than you? Is it an out so as not to consider a need to reevaluate your understanding/position? What does it mean we know?

Nathan shared a similar conversation in which he relayed some newly discovered historically documented information. The reply came back, “I don’t know abou that.” What does that mean? Does it mean we possess the knowledge to refute historical documentation? Does it mean I don’t want to consider that for it may alter my perception? What does it mean?

I come back to Peter’s words in 2 Peter 3:18 – “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” We must always be “knowing” and growing in what we are “knowing.” I should know more today than yesterday. I should be growing in grace the more I know of Jesus. Resting on what I have known does not paint a picture of progression or growing that we find in 2 Peter 1.

What do we know …

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  1. says:

    So often we study the scriptures or other writings simply to proof our position. I have found myself saying ” I don’t think that is correct.” Then after I study an issue from several vantage points I see how I may have held a position in error simply because I was to lazy to investigate earlier. So often we believe things simply because we heard them in our youth.
    I have changed my view on several issues. Am I weak in my faith or am I earnestly seeking the truth? If our view on many issues is the same as when we first became Christians is this a good thing or a sign of non growth? Prayer, Meditation, Trial are signposts to truth in the scriptures or in life. Martin Luther said something like that.

  2. Thayer says:

    This is a good question that is an ongoing debate on epistemology, though I’d be weary of growing “knowledge” upon a presupposition.

    1. Thayer, agreed. I think maybe at the time, my thoughts tended toward an open-ness to learning. I have a friend who suggests that if he is not somewhat embarrassed about what he believed he knew yesterday, then it was not likely he learned anything today.

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