What Would Empathy Civilisation Mean for Loving Our Neighbors – Weekly Video

Too often questions that emerge between science and theology sidetrack the occasions where there is agreement. In this week’s weekly video, see the right sidebar, the question of soft-wired human tendencies seem strikingly similar to the aim Jesus pointed at in exhibiting what Willard describes as the most fully human person to ever live.

Some will see in this move, unfortunately, a derision of Jesus’ divinity. That is a mistake. If, as Peter noted, Jesus has left us an example that we should walk in, it seems then we should consider Jesus’ Way an aim for our own embodiment. The video need to stir debate as to the “methodology” of human origin. See the recent discussion over at JesusCreed. Here the intent is to say that if correct, then what is the way forward for a transformative move in our global world? Certainly we should recapture the empathy expressed in the very real person of Jesus.

Seems at this point it would open up some great conversations for discussing the nature of the Good News in a global context. What are your thoughts?

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