What You May Do With $10

Yesterday’s lunch cost just more than $10. One meal. This week, many in Guatemala will earn just more than $10 a day, or $53 for the week. With just $10 you could help ensure the funding for La Providencia Health Post for two years if we reach our goal.

Perspective Helps

According to the World Bank, the GDP for Guatemala sat at $53.8 million. Compare that to the GDP for the U.S. at $16.8 trillion. The minimum daily wage in Guatemala is $3. In the United States the current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Did you catch the difference? Minimum wage in Guatemala is calculated on the day while in the U.S. it is based on the hour. Many in Guatemala do not earn $3 a day. Workers in the U.S. are rallying for an increase in the minimum wage to $15.

Let’s not pretend inflation or deflation is only a concern in the U.S.

If you were born in the United States, you had nothing to do with it. And, if you were born in Guatemala you had nothing to do with it. Put another way, where you were born was not determined by you.

LaProvidencia03My co-pay for an office visit to my Primary Care Physician is $35. I picked up a prescription for my wife yesterday for $10.

The Pokomchi people compose a very small percentage of the 15.4 million people in Guatemala. They are easily one of the poorest people groups in Guatemala with an estimated population of about 90-100,000.

Pokomchi do not have the luxury of choosing a Primary Care Physician. They are fortunate if they have a nurse they may see after as much as a few hours’ walk. Many suffer and die from illness and or disease we face with confidence.

What Is a Health Post?

MapLaProvidenciaASOSAP, Hope of the Pokomchi, began establishing Health Posts as part of their interest in the people living in southwestern Verapaz, incidentally meaning “True Peace.” Today there are three – La Pampache, Rosario Italia, and La Providencia. A fourth us under construction. Each of these Health Posts serves multiple villages. For instance, you may see on the map the villages served by La Providencia.

The map may appear like a crude rendering of a sprawling suburban housing addition. It is not like that. Each of the colors on the map represent villages. You can see the number of different villages served by La Providencia.

Each Health Post is staff by one nurse and supplied with medicines, an office, a waiting area, and an exam room. Sometimes there is a small living quarters so the nurse may not be required to make the long trek to their own village. The nurse at La Providencia stays on site and then travels home on the weekend.

Mrs. Matilde Cal Cuz, 33 years old presented with wheezing, labored respirations, and a normal temperature. The nurse treated the patient with amoxicillin antibiotic and acetaminophen. Later on the patient worsened, having 40o temperature with increased

wheezing and labored respirations. The nurse advised her to go to the hospital but being a widow with 5 children she could not afford to go. Therefore, the nurse gave her benzathine penicillin injections, acetaminophen, and nebulizer treatments.

The patient eventually recovered, thanks to the nurse’s timely intervention.

33 Years old. Mother of 5. Widow.

Will you GoFund Them?

Monday I met with Bill and Linda Brierly, founders of ASOSAP, Hope of the Pokomchi. We discussed ways to extend the possibilities of support for these Health Posts. One of my friends suggested I consider a GoFundMe Campaign. I have never undertaken a project myself but have participated in a couple of Kickstarter Campaigns. After beginning this GoFundMe I learned another friend works for another crowd funding group working with non-profits.

GoFundMeLaProv03Bill and Linda gave me the green light to give the GoFundMe a try. I created the campaign on Tuesday evening at 6:15 p.m. My thought was that if all of my Facebook Friends donated $10 we could fund La Providencia for 2015 and 2016, maybe even install a new roof!

Yesterday evening we reached $1200! We are on our way.

Will You . . .

1. Donate a minimum of $10 to the La Providencia GoFundMe Campaign?

2. Share this Post with your Friends?

3. Share this Post on Facebook?

4. Share this Post on Twitter?

5. If you are still unsure, would you give up one meal of $10? Just one . . . it may mean a widow of 5 survives what we take for granted.

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