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A few days ago I posted a note that refereced “Blue Laws.” These laws assumed that Sunday was the “new” sabbath. I am not so sure this is the case. Early Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday because it was “the first day of the week”, the day the resurrection occurred. However, we do not find that a Sunday celebration usurped Saturday as the Sabbath. Would a Jewish follower of Jesus, whose heritage is frought with a connectedness to Sabbath, opt for Sunday as the new Sabbath? I am not sure. Lauren Winner, in Mudhouse Sabbath, does not necessarily captiulate to the notion that we now observe Sabbath on Sunday.

Could this be one more illustration of a “cultural” interpretation? While cultural expression result from what people do, observing “Blue Laws” grew from a particular interpretive move on the part of some Christians. Is this right or is it cultural? Again, occasionally our cultural interpretations portend absolute authority and so become very difficult to subvert, even with the truth.

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    My review of “Mudhouse Sabbath” mentions the theoretical sabbatarianism implicit in Winner’s treatment, while pointing out that her practical approach need not be interpreted in this way:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Timothy – thanks for stopping by justtodd. I read your review and than you for the link. I would also avoid “sabbatarianism” as it violates the gift of the Sabbath.

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