Will it really come to this? … Prophetic Weaving …

There is going to come a day soon when you will assuredly be called to
voice your approval and support to one side or the other, whether it be
in your church, your school, or your job.

Big Daddy Weave offers a couple of posts on an upcoming conference – The Joshua Convergence and Update on the Joshua Convergence. The above quote was taken from the first post. I could not help but recall the time just before moving back to Oklahoma. Things were heating up in Texas and I shared with the Deacons at the church I pastored there would come a day in Texas when they would be forced to choose a side. Sure enough the day came. Yes, it is possible to be dually aligned. But, in the early days there wa a push to force a choice.

I wonder how many will finally throw in the towell should what the above quote suggests comes to pass. If indeed it is prophetic, some may decide the battle has gone on too long and not be willing to see the fragmentation continue. For everyone who did not care for the book, this quote offers  one more indication Bill J. Leonard may have himself been more prophetic than most would like to think in his book, God’s Last and Only Hope. Where will they go? What will they do? For all the urgency of the dispensational camp that consitutes the largest body of conservatives in the SBC (yes that is a generalization that I cannot support with a survey but my years in the SBC and the wildly popular Left Behind ought to serve as indication enough) you  would think someone would stand with statesman like courage and say enough. We need to be about the work of the Kingdom of God rather than one conservative camp versus another.

I am tired …

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    Come join us Anglicans, Lord knows we don’t argue! 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    And neither do we UCCers. 😉

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