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Transitions often create “word game” climates. For example, this morning I was listening to Fox News and they were discussing the DNC and Edwards speech from last night. Today both a Democrat and a Republican commented that it was a note from a Mario Cuomo speech from 1984. The idea to divide America so that they speaker may rush in to unite.

America divided? The context was a divided America between the “have’s” and “have nots.” Are there not a number of places/issue in/on which we find division?

When it comes to following Christ and understanding the righteousness of God, we too find words at issue. NT Wright suggests we might do better to translate righteousness in Romans, at least in certain contextual situations, as justice and that it might help us unpack Paul’s “exoneration/pronouncement” of the faithfulness of God in Jesus, the Christ.

We have some work to do to wrestle with the words justice and righteousness and what they mean in this context – Romans 1-3 (at the very least).

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