Anger Can’t Live Alone: A Conversation with Scott Curry

Long before electronic billboards, the Internet, and mobile apps, the bumper sticker served as a means to communicate how a person saw the world. Eddie Chiles radio commentary sign-off triggered a spate of bumper stickers that exclaimed, I’m Mad Too, Eddie!

Who is Eddie and why is he mad?

I often wondered.

Whatever the subject of his commentary, the founder of Western Company of America and one-time owner of the Texas Rangers, closed with, “I’m Eddie Chiles, and I’m mad as hell!

Anger is pervasive.

If you are not angry about something, wait for it. The next app alert will signal a reason.

Never Heard of Eddie? What about Job?

This week on the podcast I invited my friend Scott Curry back on to keep our commitment to a monthly show that focuses on the pastor-theologian from the Old Testament. We picked up on the subject of anger. How did Job express his anger? How did his friends respond to his anger? What did Job think about his friends’ advice? Did it make him angry?

Scott made a comment that served as our show title, “Anger can’t live alone.” Listen to find out just what he means by that.

From there we move to forgiveness and worship.

You may listen and wonder what does it mean the answer to Job’s question was the face of God?

Left More on the Table

As you listen, you may discover some subjects, issues, ideas that were left on the table. What does it mean that Job allowed his friends to challenge him? Does that facilitate or represent maturity? What caught your attention? Since this will be a regular feature, we would welcome your input for our next shows.

Leave a comment providing the subjects you found raised in the podcast but not addressed.

Or, email me what you would like us to consider.

If you find the podcast helpful, share it with your friends. Share it with your pastor friends as well as folks you know involved in leadership that touches on the pastoral. Also, consider heading over to iTunes, login, search for patheological and give us a five-star rating and a kind review.
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