Soularize 10 Years Later – Glad for Friends

The beginning of “the edge of the inside” dates back more than ten years ago. Back then the first iteration of this website was on Blogger under the name, Just Todd.

It would take some time to tell the story, but participating in a seminar led by Grant … Continue reading

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Three Is Enough … Todd Hunter

hunter1.jpgI met Todd Hunter about six years ago. Since that time we have hosted Todd on a few ETREK conference calls. He writes well about the missional turn. Yesterday Ed Stetzer posted the following release on his blog and today Jim Henderson with Off-the-Map included it in an e-mail. … Continue reading

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Listening and relational learning

One of our favorite, and honest, phrases parenting our girls was, “There are two sides to every story.” Occasionally this was construed as either, ‘You don’t believe me,” or, “How come you won’t assume my position.” These interactions came during conversational moments where in relationship with our girls we … Continue reading

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The Room Wins

etrek-1007_003.JPGLeadership beyond power took on an interesting twist as we gathered for our first of two days on the campus of Biblical Seminary. Sally works with a noted architect and together they use a phrase to describe the power of space, “The room always wins.” Rather than the normal … Continue reading

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