More Than Jeremaids or, John On the Edge

Cataloging your list of woes is not the same as doing something about a problem. Sometimes it seems Christians spend more time complaing about things as they are rather than taking an action to influence the world as it should become.

In this podcast episode we take a look at John as a figure “on the edge.” No, it is not about his attire and diet but his position in relationship to Jerusalem. What does it say about the powers at work in his day? How might we reenact what Fr. Rohr calls the prophetic position today?

imageWe also take a moment talking about repentance, a change of mind. Too many fear talking about repentance as a change of mind does not go deep enough. They rightly note it is more than changing your mind about where to eat dinner. So, how might we illustrate what shape repentance takes without defaulting to a mystical piety?

All of this is couched in an interaction with he Gospel text for this coming Sunday found in Mark 1. If this is a help to your sermon planning, your Scriptures engagement, or stirs your imagination, leave a comment with your own reaction to the Text, or podcast as it were.

Thanks you for taking the time to listen. If you have a question or content suggestion for an upcoming episode, shoot me an email or leave a comment with your idea.

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