Pastors Search For . . . : A Conversation with Marty Duren

Often a Pastor is concerned with answering human beings search for meaning. What happens when pastors go searching?

Would you be surprised that one of the most sought after bits of information for pastors concerns retreats and sabbaticals? Maybe you would expect pastors to search for articles on Jesus’ method of preaching or teaching. Both of these items were among the top ten searches on the Lifeway website that offers resources for pastors.

Drawing From Experience

Marty Duren curates the Lifeway resource for pastors website. We recently sat down for a conversation around Marty’s observation after his first year interacting with pastors, providing resources that include a podcast.

Prior to his current employ at Lifeway, Marty served as Pastor at New Bethany Church in Georgia for 17 years. He is the author of, The Generous Soul: An Introduction to Missional Giving. Recently Marty self-published a book of quotes, Quote: 150 Reminders for Leaders and Followers.

In addition to his current assignment at Lifeway, Marty is Groups Pastor at Green Hill Church in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Ranging Conversation

The differing subjects covered in our conversation reflect the variety of responsibilities and issues faced by local pastors. Most pastors do not have a large staff. Many serve in single-staff situations. The statistic still holds that the overwhelming majority of pastors serve in churches that run less than 100 in worship each week.

Given these realities, it is not hard to see why pastors often look for resources wherever they may find them. We are hoping this conversation gives voice to some of the things local pastors often think about.

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