Race and Faith: A Conversation

Jemar Tisby, in his book The Color of Compromise: The Truth About the American Church’s Complicity in Racism, offers a number of To-Dos in his chapter The Fierce Urgency of Now. One is simple: Do Something. After a bit of an absence, Patheological returns with that in mind.

What Tisby recommends is not different than the advice given by Dr. Barbara Holmes,

“You tell your people.”

What began as a conversation between two white pastors, in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing and the subsequent protests, ended up a dialogue on race and faith. Scott Curry, a long-time friend, pastor, and repeat guest here on the podcast, called to talk about the events unfolding across the Country. He suggested we put together a conversation between the two of us and two Black pastors. Unfortunately, on the day we set for the conversation Scott came down with a severe migraine. He suggested we proceed and we did.

Joining me for the conversation were: Pastor Dwight McKissic, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Arlington, TX, Retired Pastor, now Oklahoma State Senator, George E. Young Sr, and Paul Littleton with 20 years Pastoral experience.

We hope to have another conversation where Scott and his friend James join us as we keep listening, learning, and working together.

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