Christian Seasons

We Don’t Want This God

Weakness does not make the list as a Divine attribute. In the pantheon of gods, old and new, humans long for a god writ large and powerful. When we fail to find a god that fits our billing we become the god for which we look. We stop searching. … Continue reading

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The Challenge and Promise of Advent

There is good reason to listen to a variety of voices. Advent calls into question things as they are and draws from us the expectation of the impossible.

httpv://… Continue reading

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Watching and Working … Thoughts from The Edge

Watching and working express one of the key themes of the Lectionary Texts for the coming Sunday. Often we favor one end of the spectrum created by these two practices. Jesus calls us to watch and at the same time to work. Most often our working appears like … Continue reading

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Celebrating Advent with Snow Hill

How are you celebrating the Season of Advent? We are offering some daily Advent reflections (Mon-Friday) at I would also suggest you consider subscribing to an Advent blog – Go to Bethlehem and See -  created by Michael Spencer a few years ago. In the past I … Continue reading

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Breath, Spirit, Life – Thoughts from the Edge

Pentecost Sunday will be observed by many Christian congregations around the world. Here are some thoughts on two of the texts for this coming Sunday. In a world full of words sometimes we are speechless and it is the breath of God, the Spirit of God that gives life … Continue reading

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