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The Mission Book – A Contribution

My friends over at The Upstream Collective invited me to write a short piece for their online book, The Mission Book. My chosen title, In Season and Out. The chapter has been posted for a while.

Natalie, one of the editors, recently invited me to respond to … Continue reading

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(Not) Sponsors – The Upstream Collective

Would you like to go to Barcelona? Ed Stetzer offered a group of pastors the opportunity to join him on a “vision” trip to Western Europe. I had just finished an online course with David Fitch, “Readings in Postmodern Philosophy and Theology.” During our conversation at the end … Continue reading

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Engaging the World On Its Terms


I recall an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. (How about that season premiere on grief?) Meredith was “fine.” Now really she was not “fine.” But when asked how she was doing, she said, “fine.” So often did Meredith say “fine” that it no longer meant anything.

We face the danger … Continue reading

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Guest Post at The Upstream Collective – What Is the Gospel?

My friends over at The Upstream Collective invited me to offer some guest posts every now and then. A new series on “Cultural Translation” has begun and I offer some thoughts on “What is the Gospel?” The post will go live on Wednesday, if not sooner. It is Continue reading

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