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The Jesus Way … The Ordinary Radicals …

I recall a participating in a conversation where Len Sweet described the need to take risks. He noted that Jesus was not risk averse. The illustration he used concerned our oft used idiom as someone heads for any destination – “Be careful.”

The phrase conjured images of “don’t take … Continue reading

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Reading … Reviews Coming

I am getting back to some reading. Soon I will have some thoughts up about Ian Mobsy’s The Becoming of G-d, Dan Roam’s The Back of the Napkin, Scot McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet, and several others.… Continue reading

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Coffehouse Theology Blog Tour Stops at The Edge

The word “theology” can be so intimidating. Most of the adults in my Sunday Bible study group practice theology all the time but rarely if ever use the word. Enter Ed Cyzewski. In a (dis) arming way Ed helps the reader work through the practice of theology for “every … Continue reading

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Jesus In the Margins – Book Review

I have a penchant for the “edges.” Rick McKinley looks to the margins. Our culture too quickly marginalizes people. Feelings of neglect, depression, inadequacy, and hopelessness strut their stuff in the lives of those living in the margins.

In his book, Jesus in the Margins, McKinley offers a … Continue reading

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Beautiful Idols

A friend and I were strolling the streets of Barcelona back in February. Our conversation turned to just how we may identify people. I will tip my hand quickly to say I fear the practice of categorization simplifies our lives. We really have no need to get to know … Continue reading

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