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Narratives and Traditions – Brian McLaren on a New Christianity

Seems like every time Brian McLaren writes a new book it stirs the senses and sensibilities of many. Today marked the release of A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith. Another NKOC. I don’t have a copy though I tried to get a review copy a couple of ways. They got away too quickly.

Today I read a few pieces critiquing Brian’s work. For example, Daryl Dash notes an attempt to hedge the conversation before it gets off the ground. When does an author get to set the agenda for the response? This seems to be Dash’s initial criticism. Bill Kinnon presses the implication further by noting it really disingenuous to invite a conversation and accuse any critic of fundamentalism. Bill quotes Scot McKnight’s Beliefnet post on the subject. Jeremy Bouma writes as an insider turned engaging critic. Bouma argues for the Rule of Faith as the guiding agenda for any theological innovation. Read More

Does Anyone Get the Last Word? The Last Word and the Word After That

ooze200 Growing up with two brothers we were often more concerned with “who got the last say” than anything else. You know, incessant sniping until Dad or Mom gave the final threat. The Bill Cospy-esque kind of threat, “I brought you into this world, I can take you out,” garden variety.

When it comes to theology it seems we have the fixation about who gets the last word. When Brian’s final installment of the “New Kind of Christian Trilogy,” The Last Word and the Word After That, came out the title provoked quite the concern. Anyone having read widely in Christian theology knew well Brian was thinking through the matter of the afterlife and certainly most wanted to know where he stood on Hell.

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Roll the Video! Put in the Earbuds!

I recently wrote of attending the Coldplay concert in OKC. I am a fan of Chris Martin’s music. I met some rabid fans. Likely some paid much higher prices for their tickets than we did. Others may have “spared no expense” to catch the Viva La Vida Tour. If you have ever been a fan of a group or artist and attended their concert then you know what I describe.

When Spencer Burke was thinking through the target=”_blank”>October 2007 Soularize event in Nassau, he wondered who could be invited that people might go out of their way to hear. He then invited them. That is the genius of Spencer Burke. Most would think, “They would never come speak at our event.” Not Spencer. Enter Bishop Tom Wright, Rita Brock, Father Richard Rohr and Brennan Manning. These are the “features” of Soularize 07. How did you miss it? If you did, read on and find out how you can get a copy of the audio and video at a discount.

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A New Kind of Christian … The Story We Find Ourselves In

Utilizing a novel literary genre left many thinking Brian McLaren offered a novel view of Christianity and so Christians. Recently the “New Kind of Christian Trilogy” (A New Kind of Christian, The Story We Find Ourselves In and The Last Word and the Word After That) came out in a new paperback format. I read each of these when they were originally published (2001, 2003, 2005).

I recently received the first two paperback versions for review. Tony Jones, in The New Christians, considered A New Kind of Christian to mark a watershed moment in what would propel discussions of the Emerging Church and gain publicity for Emergent Village. To say the emerging, Emerging, Emergent conjures controversy is an understatement. In fact, the controversy has tired so many the word “emerging” may be moving toward linguistic extinction as debate over its usefulness rolls on.

Is it possible to simply summarize what it seems is at the heart of McLaren’s project in the trilogy? Read More

Zehnder – Great Music

I am a little late getting this blurb out about an album that came out last month. The group is Zehnder

Twins Tom and Tim Gibbs Zehnder compose, arrange, perform and record as an indie worship band based in Los Angeles. Tim plays bass and doumbek, Tom plays guitar and djembe, and the two raise their voices together in elaborate duets. They serve a local church with their music, L.A.’s Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

A few accolades:

“Zehnder communes with those who hear their music.”
-Ched Meyers | Author/Speaker/Theologian | Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries

“Take a unique harmonized vocal sound and a punchy groove and combine that with provocative lyrics and you start to get a sense of Zehnder.”
-Rev. Dan Hoffman | Co-Executive Director | Hollywood Urban Project

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