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I recently wrote of attending the Coldplay concert in OKC. I am a fan of Chris Martin’s music. I met some rabid fans. Likely some paid much higher prices for their tickets than we did. Others may have “spared no expense” to catch the Viva La Vida Tour. If you have ever been a fan of a group or artist and attended their concert then you know what I describe.

When Spencer Burke was thinking through the October 2007 Soularize event in Nassau, he wondered who could be invited that people might go out of their way to hear. He then invited them. That is the genius of Spencer Burke. Most would think, “They would never come speak at our event.” Not Spencer. Enter Bishop Tom Wright, Rita Brock, Father Richard Rohr and Brennan Manning. These are the “features” of Soularize 07. How did you miss it? If you did, read on and find out how you can get a copy of the audio and video at a discount.

Diverse. Passionate. Agreeable disagreements. Consider what it must have been like to spend a few days in the Bahamas with Bishop N.T. Wright offering some new material on Acts that would be in a forthcoming Everyman’s Commentary. Or, maybe Rita Brock talking about a long term project exploring “Paradise” in the context of Church history. Add Father Richard Rohr describing how we move to non-oppositional thinking and Brennan Manning sharing from the wealth of his experience and these are only the “headliners.”

Maybe you could not make the event. Unlike missing a concert and buying the CD, with Soularize in a Box Vol. 2 you get live video from the event. Trust me. You will find something to agree with and some thing with which you will disagree. Everything challenges you to learn. Learning from those with whom we differ can help us move out from our normal “associative” learning context. (Watch for an upcoming post on The Medici Effect.) My mantra is “Leaders are always learning.” Consider joining the learning party after the fact.

I just received an email notifying me Soularize in a Box Vol. 2 is now offered with a “Holiday” discount. Use the code “Holiday08” at checkout and you will receive your own copy of “20 Talks, over 40 Hours of Audio & Video” at a 50% discount!

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