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I am a little late getting this blurb out about an album that came out last month. The group is Zehnder

Twins Tom and Tim Gibbs Zehnder compose, arrange, perform and record as an indie worship band based in Los Angeles. Tim plays bass and doumbek, Tom plays guitar and djembe, and the two raise their voices together in elaborate duets. They serve a local church with their music, L.A.’s Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

A few accolades:

“Zehnder communes with those who hear their music.”
-Ched Meyers | Author/Speaker/Theologian | Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries

“Take a unique harmonized vocal sound and a punchy groove and combine that with provocative lyrics and you start to get a sense of Zehnder.”
-Rev. Dan Hoffman | Co-Executive Director | Hollywood Urban Project

I have listened to the album a number of times and am struck by the eclectic sound and the profound lyrics. Many have called for better music writing. You will not be disappointed.

Here is a video from Zehender Videos –

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    You did a fine job and I am glad to use your handiwork!

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