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The word “theology” can be so intimidating. Most of the adults in my Sunday Bible study group practice theology all the time but rarely if ever use the word. Enter Ed Cyzewski. In a (dis) arming way Ed helps the reader work through the practice of theology for “every person.”

Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life presents the reader with what we may consider a missional theological method in the vernacular of the common person. Not just a book for those without theological education, but for those who understand the intersection of life and faith is not a matter of academics but practicality.

Ed combines the work of Guder on the missio dei, from Missional Church, with the epistemological proposal in Grenz and Franke’s Beyond Foundationalism, and the approach to reading Scripture described in Scot McKnight’s Blue Parakeet. Interestingly Ed does so without the benefit of the publication of Scot’s book. That means, for me, Ed and Scot think along the same lines. Not bad company for Ed from where I sit.

Ed’s book came at a good time as I was looking for a book to help my Sunday morning group discover how often they do theology and how this translates in their lives to give witness to Jesus. We do need to know, on a popular level, how we are influenced and what those influences are. The idea what we know is pristinated through our vaunted reason no longer holds much water, or coffee for that matter.

In Coffeehouse Theology Ed demonstrates the “centered set” of Scripture and how in healthy ways Church Tradition and the wider global church help us get beyond the “bounded sets” we produce out of fear. Pick up a copy of Coffeehouse Theology and you may find yourself compelled to pick up some authors you would have otherwise dismissed.

Thanks for the solid work Ed. You have given this pastor a good resource. And, at the end of the day, there is a dearth of these for the current theological climate when it comes to a missional and theologically practical method for use as we walk, love and serve with in our Christian communities of faith.

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