Coffehouse Theology Blog Tour Stops at The Edge

The word “theology” can be so intimidating. Most of the adults in my Sunday Bible study group practice theology all the time but rarely if ever use the word. Enter Ed Cyzewski. In a (dis) arming way Ed helps the reader work through the practice of theology for “every … Continue reading

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Love Trumps Submission … McKnight at BTS

My brother Trent is a Cubs fan. He and Scot McKnight would enjoy conversations over the “Cubbies.” No doubt they both held out hope there would be no October meltdown. But, like the stock market decline, the Cubs crashed and burned.

It was quite fun to listen to Scot, … Continue reading

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Dobson’s Increasing Marginalization – Stems from His Own Words

Last week I listened to the now (in)famous radio broadcast of James Dobson taking after Senator Obama. I read a number of references to this interview and most expressed the sentiment they wanted people to know Dobson does not speak for them as Evangelicals nor as Christians. Scot McKnight … Continue reading

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