Ed Cyzewski

The Week Ahead – Don’t Forget the Giveaway

Donald Trump is coming to Oklahoma City. Makes sense. From Senator Shortey, who is volunteering for the Trump campaign,

“Oklahoma is the most republican, most red state in the nation.  And we’re going to deliver to him.  He’s going to have Oklahoma.  I have no doubt in my mind that Oklahoma will vote to elect him president,” said Sen. Shortey.

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Unfollowers: An Interview with Ed Cyzewski

Only rarely do we identify with villains, except maybe at Halloween. What if we discovered we had more in common with the villains of the Bible than the heroes? Even more, what would it mean if we found in our heroes villainous traits? Read More

Giveaway – Coffeehouse Theology Study Guide by Ed Cyzewski

coffeehousetheosmallMy friend Ed Cyzewski is offering a free pdf download of a study guide that compliments his book Coffeehouse TheologyThe Coffeehouse Theology Study Guide. If you subscribe to his newsletter you will also receive a 35% off discount coupon toward the purchase of the book from Navpress. I offered a review of Ed’s book when it came out. You may read it here. Go over and check out more about the book at Ed’s website. Subscribe to his newsletter. Purchase a copy or two of Ed’s book.

Coffehouse Theology Blog Tour Stops at The Edge

The word “theology” can be so intimidating. Most of the adults in my Sunday Bible study group practice theology all the time but rarely if ever use the word. Enter Ed Cyzewski. In a (dis) arming way Ed helps the reader work through the practice of theology for “every person.”

Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life presents the reader with what we may consider a missional theological method in the vernacular of the common person. Not just a book for those without theological education, but for those who understand the intersection of life and faith is not a matter of academics but practicality. Read More