Unfollowers: An Interview with Ed Cyzewski

Only rarely do we identify with villains, except maybe at Halloween. What if we discovered we had more in common with the villains of the Bible than the heroes? Even more, what would it mean if we found in our heroes villainous traits?

This week on the podcast I am glad to host Ed Cyzewski to talk about his most recent book, Unfollowers: Unlikely Lessons on Faith from Those Who Doubted Jesus.

Is Doubt the New Virtue?

Some of us grew up in an era where doubt was taboo? I recall one preacher explicitly stating to a tabernacle full of young people that doubt meant the absence of faith. For many of us who had questions, even doubts, we kept them to ourselves.

Maybe you prefer questions to doubt. However you prefer it, faith requires wrestling and for Ed Cyzewski the Bible is full of stories of people who doubted Jesus. We often find ourselves in these stories. Ed suggests, among other things, we may discover that we have created Jesus in our image, formed theologies that keep Jesus at a distance, and become too familiar with stories such that they no longer scandalize us toward greater faithfulness.

Listen to the End

Ed is a freelance writer who views his vocation as ministry. You will pick this up along the way. Maybe you have an interest in writing. We take a few minutes to talk about writing. You may be looking for someone to coach you in the process of writing and getting published. Check out Ed’s website – www.edcyzewski.com. You may also want to subscribe to his E-Newsletter. Here is a link to Ed’s other books.

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