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Consuming Jesus Everything Must Change

I received a copy of Paul Metzger’s, Consuming Jesus, and Brian McLaren’s newest, Everything Must Change. I began reading them both. I thought of an interesting connection. If we take Jesus in rather than make of Jesus a consumer culture “everything must change.”

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The Illumined Life: Capture the Vibrant Faith of Ancient Christians

Shedding light on our shallow thinking about life with God, Frederica Mathewes-Green offers an accessible “little book” full of wisdom from ancient travelers of the way of Jesus. Setting the course toward “theosis” Frederica offers some thoughts that would surely intrigue any reader who has thought reflectively about the … Continue reading

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Missional Press

I met David in Greensboro last year. We have kept up via e-mail, phone and Skype. David helped me with my blog. The lack of an updated blogroll and a few other pieces are not a fault of his. He has endured my regular, “David how do you … Continue reading

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Cooperation to Collaboration … Follow-up Review of Joe Myers – Organic Community …

I met Jay on the plane yesterday afternoon. He pastors a church in what he referred to as a “fishing village” near New Orleans – Weswego. Our conversation ranged widely as any can when two pastors get together. The church Jay pastors received an invitation to participate in a … Continue reading

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Don’t burn the books …

I recall a scene from the movie Footloose where the attempt to “protect” young people included burning books – even classics. The “Reverend” came to stop the event. Sure wish someone would have taken Tom Wayne’s books off his hands rather than watch him burn them.… Continue reading

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