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The Sword of Truth …

One of the great tensions for people of faith is truth-telling/truth-sharing. We make an appeal to “telling the truth in love” when we decapitate. Oops! Only meant to inform not annhilate. I came across a paragraph in a book about life and writing by Anne Lamott. She shares,

“I told the young woman, in front of the class, that it had taken guts to say what she had said. Later she sought me out and asked if I thought she was a monster. I told her I thought she’d been very honest, and that this was totally commendable, but that you don’t always have to chop with the sword of truth. You can point with it, too.” (Bird by Bird,p.156)

We do not like taking the time to develop a sensitivity for the person – we favor being right above all else. Very hard to talk about faith and following Christ to someone you have just be-headed!