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My friend Mark made a reference to Jim Collins’ monograph, Good to Great and the Social Sectors: Why Business Thinking is Not the Answer. Right on the front of the little red cover the reader learns the basis for his evaluation lies in his book, Good to GreatContinue reading

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Death Becomes Us … Creps Off-Road … pt1

ItwascleanA couple of years ago Patty, Tommie and me took a trip to Colorado. Barb graciously offered us a place to stay and it was very good for us. We rented a jeep for a day and went "off-road." The pretty white jeep looked well worn and muddy after … Continue reading

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New Perspectives On Mary … McKnight to offer something of a third way?

Scot McKnight is one of the most prolific bloggers I read over at Jesus Creed. He is, according to Theopedia,

Scot McKnight is the Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious
Studies at North Park University. The author of more than ten books and
numerous articles and chapters in

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Jackrabbits leading the way …

Last week Bill Moyer’s hosted, "Is God Green?" Some folks announced it would be on at the Emergent Gathering and Micah sent me a text that he and Kristen were watching and it was good. I found it on the Internet and watched it today. It dovetails … Continue reading

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Collapsing our notion of grace … it is indeed all around us …

Finished! One of the pitfalls of a bibliophile (at least this bibliophile) is the tendency to read multiple books at a time. Micah and Kristen recommended Gilead some time ago. Patty finished reading it just after we purchased the book. I on the other hand had it in my … Continue reading

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