Denominational Commentary

Avoiding “my way” as the “only way” …

I tire of the denominational thing. It is good to see some healthy dialogue taking place. If you are interested and inclined, you might click to read –

Marty on the Machine
Steve on the Medium for Change
And Paul attempting to marry the two in some way. (Should … Continue reading

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IMB … Did not see that one coming … at least that way …

News out of Florida indicates the IMB Trustees determined a way to quell dissent. On my way to visit folks in a couple of hospitals a friend called who has observed the IMB developments as an “outsider.” [read, not Southern Baptist] Many would care little what an outsider … Continue reading

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Ascol posts, a battle ensues and IMonk (a.k.a. Michael Spencer) talks of contentions …

Last week Tom Ascol posted asking “What kind of person would make a good president of the SBC?” In the process a battle of sorts took place in the comment section. I do not recall ever seeing a blog post with nearly 300 comments (by the time … Continue reading

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The high road … will the IMB Trustees take the road less traveled? …

Many of us who pastor understand the humbling effects of a necessary apology. People who attend our churches expect near perfection when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Some enter relationships with gregarious ease while others engage people a bit more reservedly. The former can come off plastic, the latter … Continue reading

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Thoughts from across the pond …

I met Andrew Jones online and on the phone. We have mutual friends. He has a good post on the whole SBC-BWA thing from the perspective of someone across the pond – as Andrew lives in London.

I liked a quote from Andrew, used in a paper written by … Continue reading

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