Denominational Commentary

Manipulaitng to a mutually exclusive position rending dissent unspiritual …

My friend Kent sent me another response to the previously mentioned resolution to the SBC in June. Here is a typical ploy –

Unfortunately, this matter will be responded to by most people with emotion more than reason, with pragmatism more than principle. This is the consequence of the Continue reading

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On the previous post …

Caught In the Middle posted his thoughts on the resolution on Christian Education before I did.

I am going to offer a post that offers commentary on the resolution.

In the meantime, I am want to offer a substitute resolution (which in the end may categorize me as … Continue reading

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Invoking Cold Mountain . . . Again

In December I found a quote from the movie Cold Mountain descriptive. It seems that time only gives an occasion to be more audacious.

I can thank a friend of mine for sending me to a link that reminded me once again how often God is employed to build … Continue reading

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Theological Liberalism and guilt by association …

The third accusation leveled at the Baptist World Alliance by the SBC regards a drift into theological liberalism. I am still waiting on the definition and description of this. I have inquired a number of places and as yet have not been given illustration save one reference.

It seems … Continue reading

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Contentious Groups … the place of vendetta …

The seminal issue in the Southern Baptist Convention move to withdraw from the Baptist World Alliance was the vote by the BWA to include the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in their fraternal organization. The issue is number three on those outlined in the report of the “study committee.” And, it … Continue reading

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