Denominational Commentary

How consistent will be be with this and to what loss …

Can’t leave this one alone, just yet. The Daily Oklahoman carried an article about the recent SBC vote on its relationship with the BWA.

?The time has come that the BWA is going in a separate direction,? Jordan said. ?Southern Baptists are going to continue their commitment to missions Continue reading

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It’s done …

What happens when you marginalize by categorizing so that your numbers of participants reflect your narrow pedagogy? You may portend to speak for much larger numbers but cannot get them to participate out of fear of being labeled by thoughtful dissent. Certainly the criticism will arise, “why did you … Continue reading

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Will they still love Rick? …

Seems as though Rick Warren knows how to deflect criticism. The SBC will discuss a motion to withdraw from participation in the BWA. At the same time, Rick Warren, pastor of the “largest Baptist church in the world”, will speak at the centennial celebration of the BWA next year … Continue reading

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Manipulaitng to a mutually exclusive position rending dissent unspiritual …

My friend Kent sent me another response to the previously mentioned resolution to the SBC in June. Here is a typical ploy –

Unfortunately, this matter will be responded to by most people with emotion more than reason, with pragmatism more than principle. This is the consequence of the Continue reading

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On the previous post …

Caught In the Middle posted his thoughts on the resolution on Christian Education before I did.

I am going to offer a post that offers commentary on the resolution.

In the meantime, I am want to offer a substitute resolution (which in the end may categorize me as … Continue reading

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