Civility Whether Online or In Realtime

Pastor Paul Burleson takes the occasion to point out just how conversations may devolve from what gift they could be to mutual understanding into a diatribe against another person. We are always in need of good illustrations of how these kinds of experiences may be handled. Recently it was affirming to witness Richard Hays and N.T. Wright embrace despite something of a rift that occurred in their responses to one another over their academic pursuits.

In this post Paul lifts out an event on Scot McKnight’s blog. The subject was being debated and turned uncharitable. Scot stepped in to do what he has suggested has been missing from Christian discussions – a mild but firm rebuke that aims to bring the tone back to a place of mutual help and conversation.

Too often the aim becomes “winning” so that everyone “loses.” If we followed Scot’s illustration we may find relationships win even when our personal sensibilities seem at irreconcilable odds.

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